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Anglia Waterproofing Concrete Protection

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Vetrofluid is a clear concrete waterproofing system, which penetrates concrete  to a depth of 40mm, ensuring lifetime waterproofing.

​By sealing the many pores in the concrete, Vetrofluid creates a permanent barrier from water, rising damp, carbonation and freeze-thaw cycle..

Vetrofluid allows new concrete to cure with an anti evaporation effect, whilst also reducing the risk of cracking caused by plastic and hygrometric shrinkage.

Voc and Solvent free . Vetrofluid is completely eco-friendly. 

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Total Concrete Protection


  • Permanent Waterproofing 
  • Penetrates Concrete up to 40 mm
  • Protects against freeze - thaw cycles
  • Can triple lifespan of concrete 
  • Spray Applied 
  • Odourless and Colourless
  • 100% Eco-Friendly
  • Resistant to Chemical attacks
  • Can be Applied to New and Exsiting Concrete